Vergottis Cultural Centre


The Vergottis Cultural Center is a performance center which hosts the majority of the Foundation's events. The 570 square meter building is suited for music recitals, panel discussions and conference presentations, and has a sitting capacity of 280 people.


The Vergottis Cultural Center has hosted a variety of important events in the life of modern day Kefalonia, covering the entire spectrum of its charter domains; presentation of books on history of the island, medical conferences, seismology events, the Worldwide Congress of Kefalonians & Ithakisians, musical and folklore events.  The Board is reorienting the Foundation's activities so that there is an increase of events taking place throughout the year - not only during summer as has been the tradition in recent years. The Board is also aiming to offer events that will appeal to a younger audience and educate a broader cross-section of Kefalonia's permanent residents.