Financial Aid for Students


Supporting deserving Kefalonian students

The George & Marie Vergottis Foundation offers financial assistance to students of Kefalonia highschools who distinguished themselves in the Panhellenic examinations.


Selected students are qualified directly by the Directorate of Secondary Education - Ministry of Education - in Kefalonia, on the basis of their entrance exam grades. Honoured students receive a diploma and are recognised at a special awards event. 


Award Process





Additionally, there are George & Marie Vergottis scholarship programs available exclusively to Greek students  at five highly selective and disinguished educational institutions.


Please note that the scholarship and fellowship programmes at the institutions below are managed and awarded directly and independently by each respective institution. As a rule, an interested student has to follow a two-step process ...


 (a) apply first for Admission, and


 (b) if Entrance is granted, he or she may qualify for "George and Marie Vergottis" scholarship funding by applying for financial assistance.


Any questions relating to the Admission and Financial Aid process should be addressed directly to each institution. The Foundation's Board can not and does not interfere with the selection process. Scholarship programmes have been established at the following institutions:



University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
George & Marie Vergottis Scholarships
The Cambridge Fund provides scholarships to both undergraduate and graduate students who are Greek citizens, supporting them as they begin or continue their education on the field of study of their chosing. The application process is different for undergraduate versus post-graduate students.

Undergraduate students: financial aid is through the Cambridge Bursary and for the 2017-18 academic year it is approximately GBP 3,500 per year.


Postgraduate students: financial aid is up to a maximum of GBP 20,000 per year but typically has averaged around GBP 8,000 per year.

Application is through the Cambridge Trust



Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA, USA
George & Marie Vergottis Fellowship
The permanent fund provides fellowships for Greek students pursuing post-graduate studies.

Application details:



Harvard University Medical School, Cambridge, MA, USA
George & Marie Vergottis Research Fellowship

This is exclusively a post-doctoral research fellowship 




The Juilliard School, New York, NY, USA

George & Marie Vergottis Scholarships
Offered exclusively to successful applicants of Greek origin for both undergraduate (Bachelor's) and graduate (Master's and PhD) study programmes



Athens Conservatoire, Athens, GRE
George & Marie Vergottis Scholarships
Offered to Diploma and post-graduate applicants. In 2017-18 the Athens Conservatoire awarded 5 undergraduate scholarships consisting of the annual tuition fees and a post-graduate bursary that covers participation at international seminars and master-classes