How to apply for financial aid for university studies

The George and Marie Vergottis Foundation provides financial aid to distinguished students  from Kefalonia who have graduated from an island-based school with high standing (minimum grade point average of 18 for Lykeio, or 8.75 for University graduates).  

Financial aid is subject to full and unconditional acceptance of the applicant to a University.

Completed applications must be received by May 15 for the academic year commencing the following September.  The number of financial aid packages and their size will by published and available on the website of the Foundation.
Application material must be mailed to the following address:

George & Marie Vergottis Foundation
Attn: Administrator
Koukoumelata, Kefalonia
Greece 28100
Or email:

Application Requirements:
1) Letter of application including a brief description of the academic goals of the applicant and the academic opportunity
2) Detailed CV, written in Greek or English
3) Photocopies of any/all degrees held by applicant and any foreign language degrees.
4) Grades transcript, including details of all courses and grades received, for all years available.
5) Letter of acceptance from the academic institution(s) of interest indicating that the applicant has been accepted into the particular program. In the case that the applicant has not yet received an official acceptance, the applicant should note this in the application.
6) Details of the university's academic program which the applicant wishes to complete (ie photocopy of brochure or print-outs from website)
7) Two letters of recommendation from recent professors, which must be included sealed in separate envelopes which have been stamped and signed across the seal on back.