2016 Events

Seanema Festival: Leleges, Tafioi, Tilevoes
09 August, 19:00
Vergottis Cultural Centre, Kourkoumelata
An Art Installation "A visit to the roots of Cephalonia"
A partnership between Seanema and the George & Marie Vergottis Foundation
The past of places like Cephalonia, unfolds like a maze in front of the eyes of the stranger, of the visitor. The help of the natives, of the inhabitants, like a thread, can keep the visitor connected to the exit and at the same time guide him to the centre, to the core of this prosperous and in to great extent unexplored past.
Inspired by the names of the first ancient greek populations which inhabited Cephalonia, Ilektra Ellinikioti - at the Vergottis Cultural Centre at Kourkoumelata - helped by the Cephalonians will create an installation which will invite both visitors and residents to see the island through her eyes, the eyes of a first time visitor.